From Pixels to Pizza: How Dynamic Dies Brought a Video Game to Life on Corrugated

Jan 4, 2024 | Case Study

Translating your brand’s identity to corrugated packaging isn’t easy. Colors can bleed, designs can get lost, and complex artwork can become a printing nightmare. That’s where Dynamic Dies steps in. We’re experts in the world of corrugated printing, and we’re experienced in solving the unique challenges it presents.

In Fall 2023, Call of Duty Modern Warfare teamed up with Little Caesars to launch a limited-edition pizza box featuring iconic characters and weapons from the game. It was a marketing coup, turning pizza night into a battlefield filled with cheesy goodness. But getting the artwork from the digital realm to the corrugated reality of a pizza box presented a unique set of challenges.

That’s where we come in, as experts in transforming digital dreams into tangible printing plates and cutting dies. Our team at Dynamic Dies played a crucial role in bringing the Little Caesars Call of Duty Modern Warfare pizza box to life, overcoming complex challenges and exceeding expectations.

The Challenges of Corrugated Canvas:

Printing on corrugated is far from a simple process. Unlike the smooth surface of paper, corrugated cardboard’s rough texture and inconsistent absorbency can wreak havoc on even the most detailed artwork. Colors can bleed, lines can blur, and achieving vibrant, eye-catching visuals becomes a delicate balancing act. The Call of Duty box presented a unique set of hurdles. Its intricate design, featuring detailed characters and weapons, was particularly susceptible to these challenges. Additionally, the box had to be printed quickly and efficiently to meet the demands of the limited-edition campaign.

Dynamic Dies to the Rescue:

Dynamic Dies rose to the challenge with expertise and an innovative approach. We meticulously analyzed the artwork, identifying potential trouble spots and devising solutions to prevent color bleeding and maintain sharpness. Using our Dynasoft plate package to reduce fluting and maximize ink coverage made for consistent and precise ink registration, guaranteeing that every box looked as good as the first. Our contribution went beyond technical expertise. Dynamic Dies collaborated closely with the box house, Ad Agencies, and ink vendors, forming a dynamic team focused on achieving the best possible results. They understood the importance of brand color accuracy and worked to ensure the iconic Call of Duty Modern Warfare imagery translated flawlessly onto the corrugated cardboard canvas.

A Triumph of Collaboration:

The final result was a stunning success. The Call of Duty Modern Warfare Little Caesars pizza boxes were vibrant, detailed, and eye-catching, exceeding expectations. “Our dots printed clean. Our plate provided the right amount of coverage on press.” stated Rob Simpkins from Dynamic Dies, “Our pre-press software handled the files properly, our mounting plate materials and all those things performed extraordinarily on press, giving them something that I honestly don’t think they were expecting.” This project exemplifies the power of collaboration and innovation in the printing industry. It demonstrates how even the most challenging surfaces can be transformed into canvases for captivating visuals.

Beyond the Battlefield:

Dynamic Dies’ work extends far beyond video game pizza boxes. We have a proven track record of collaborating with brands of all sizes to create memorable packaging that stands out on crowded shelves. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction makes Dynamic Dies a trusted partner for anyone looking to bring their brand to life in print. Contact us today to learn more.

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