Die Manufacturing

When you need specialized tools to produce corrugated and other packaging materials, Dynamic Dies is your cutting die manufacturing expert. We do more than make cutting dies. As a tooling supplier, we also provide the technical expertise, customization and support to deliver the cutting die you need for your project. Our custom dies for POP/POS displays, retail-ready packaging and corrugated boxes are specially designed to fit your needs.

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Die Making

Steel rule die cutting is constantly evolving. Delivering sophisticated steel rule cutting dies in days—not weeks—requires highly skilled technicians teamed with state-of-the-art, specialized automation. Dynamic Dies understands your need for speed and accuracy. With four full-service facilities throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana, we are equipped to accommodate your die making needs. We follow stringent, ISO-level manufacturing standards with a PEC1 philosophy of prevention, elimination, conformance and less than 1% cost quality. This means our cutting dies are consistent and guaranteed to perform for even the most complex projects.

Cutting Dies for Productivity and Performance

Cutting dies are often considered commodities, but this is not the case at Dynamic Dies. That’s why customers rely on us as the best cutting die company offering custom dies that are designed to perform. An experienced converter understands the need for up-time to contain costs. Dynamic Dies provides quality tooling and cutting dies that are engineered with craftsmanship to ensure total accuracy.
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Flat, Rotary and Specialty Cutting Dies

Our rotary steel rule cutting dies for corrugated packaging come in 7” inside diameter (ID) to 26.5” ID.

Our manufacturing process includes laser-cutting and CNC automation for accuracy, consistency and high-speed production. Aside from corrugated packaging, our high-performance cutting dies can cut a range of materials, including:

  • Automotive die-cut parts
  • Carpet
  • Foam products
  • Paper
  • Plastic corrugated material

Auto Bending for Precision Die Cutting

Auto bending is a process in die cutting that automates the rule bending process as opposed to manually bending the rule. With automated rule bending equipment, Dynamic Dies can process 2 point to 6 point rule from 0.937” to 2.00” high. Versatility and automation expands our product offerings and allows us to complete complex cutting die orders.

Why is auto bending important? It’s especially effective for cutting and creasing materials with a high level of accuracy. Plus, it increases production speed, reduces waste and results in a more productive, cost-effective process.

auto bending machine
steel rule processing

Steel Rule Die Cutting with Digital Design

At Dynamic Dies, rule processing is completed to exacting standards by starting with the best steel rule available. Cutting, notching and forming the rule uniformly requires strict enforcement of preventative equipment maintenance and microscopic scrutiny of the raw material supply. We begin rule processing with a digital design using specialized software. Accuracy and consistency are crucial in rule processing to produce high-performance dies for die cutting.

Complete Solution Provider

We’re problem solvers and a go-to resource for technical packaging knowledge and training. Our responsive support and training is what sets us apart as a supplier of high-quality tooling. Do you want to learn more about the use and application of cutting dies, printing plates and high-end graphics for packaging? Dynamic Dies can help. Our technical training services are based on decades of research, development and innovation. Stay ahead of the competition by sharpening your cutting die use and application skills with Dynamic Dies training.
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How can we help?

Dynamic Dies offers custom cutting dies for packaging, along with the training and support you need to increase productivity, improve performance and contain costs. Contact us for more information.